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Last Tuesday, our group went on a spring picnic to the Secret Garden(후원) in Changdeokgung Palace. The Secret Garden was constructed during the Joseon Dynasty as a private resting place for the royal family. The garden features a harmonious blend of natural landscape and exquisitely designed pavilions, ponds, bridges, and walking paths. It is a UNESCO World Heritage and is open to the public for guided tours. Due to its beauty, it’s quite difficult to get the entrance ticket, but thanks to Youlim and Hyeon Jeong, we could all get the ticket.

can you feel the spring vibe?

group photo as always

our trendy professors✌🏻

For lunch, we went to a restaurant called Cheonha Bossam(천하보쌈) to eat bossam(boiled pork wraps) and jengban guksu(cold spicy noodles).

Afterwards, we went to a cafe named Delphic(델픽), which offered a variety of tea options and unique desserts.

We could enjoy the cafe both from indoors and outdoors.

The architecture and design of the cafe were so aesthetically pleasing that we couldn’t resist taking pictures.

There was another surprise from the cafe. We could see the Hanok view from the rooftop, which was pretty cool.

We had a enjoyable time in tranquil spaces. Now time to work hard for the upcoming chemical engineering conference!

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