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Our AI-based chemical compound generation research is highlighted in Chemical Science (Front Cover), which is the flagship journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Congratulation 혜연 (1저자).

Chemical Science 페이지 대문에 영광스럽게 홍보되었습니다!


The goal of most materials discovery is to discover materials that are superior to those currently known. Fundamentally, this is close to extrapolation, which is a weak point for most machine learning models that learn the probability distribution of data. Herein, we develop reinforcement learning-guided combinatorial chemistry, which is a rule-based molecular designer driven by trained policy for selecting subsequent molecular fragments to get a target molecule. Since our model has the potential to generate all possible molecular structures that can be obtained from combinations of molecular fragments, unknown molecules with superior properties can be discovered. We theoretically and empirically demonstrate that our model is more suitable for discovering better compounds than probability distribution-learning models. In an experiment aimed at discovering molecules that hit seven extreme target properties, our model discovered 1315 of all target-hitting molecules and 7629 of five target-hitting molecules out of 100 000 trials, whereas the probability distribution-learning models failed. Moreover, it has been confirmed that every molecule generated under the binding rules of molecular fragments is 100% chemically valid. To illustrate the performance in actual problems, we also demonstrate that our models work well on two practical applications: discovering protein docking molecules and HIV inhibitors.

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