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Last Monday, our group went to professor Na’s favorite restaurant “Lamb Land” to have dinner together. We had triangular-cut lamb short ribs(삼각갈비) and lamb stew with noodles and the taste was scrumptious.

of course, we didn’t forget to take pictures

For the second round, we went to a pub nearby and had a nice time together.

yes, it was the second round but we still needed more food

At the restaurant, we celebrated the birthdays of those born in March, April, and May.

Because May 15th is teacher’s day, we also prepared a surprise gift for professor Na.

Professor Na was really amazed and delighted by the cake with his picture on it

our professors together

The owner of the restaurant, knowing that professor Na is a regular customer, also gave him a bottle of wine.

how can I forget to take a picture? haha

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